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How to keep your high-end property in Las Vegas in good shape

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Owning your luxury home in Las Vegas, Nevada likely meant years of preparation, a meticulous home search, dealing with a mountain of paperwork, and even some renovation work. And it’s all worth it – you’re now the proud owner of a beautiful property in one of the most sought-after locations in the country. 

The next challenge is to keep it in mint condition and make sure it keeps its value until it comes time to sell or hand the home down as a valuable inheritance.

In this article, you’ll discover the various ways to keep your high-end Las Vegas property in great shape.


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All homes deserve the best TLC owners can provide. But with their high-end cost, the stakes are even higher for a luxury property. Here are essential reasons why proper maintenance of your upscale home is necessary.

To preserve your investment 

A luxury property is considered a safe investment as it has been proven time and again to increase its value over the years. But the home’s condition plays a large role in determining its value. To ensure your property maintains and even improves its worth over time, you need to preserve its aesthetics, structural soundness, and optimal function.

To keep you and your personal belongings safe and secure

Any kind of home is bound to lose its structural integrity, especially if besieged by damage to the plumbing or circuitry. There’s also the threat from outside where trespassers may find a way to get inside and cause trouble.

To address these potential threats, make it a part of your luxury home maintenance to equip the home with gadgets that are specifically designed to keep your home safe and secure. These range from sensors and smart home wiring to smart security systems. Smart home tech and security are, in fact, commonly found among many luxury houses in Las Vegas.

To keep repair costs at a minimum 

If done regularly, the costs for luxury home maintenance shouldn’t break the bank. More so if preventive measures are done so that a potential problem could be nipped in the bud before it even escalates.

To improve the level of comfort and enjoyment 

If you want a place that you will always look forward to coming home to, then your luxury home should provide you with not just basic creature comforts but an enhanced living experience. This means you don’t have to worry about a leaky faucet or a microwave that has reached the end of its life because everything in your luxury home is well-maintained, in optimal working condition, and giving you top-tier convenience – as any luxury home should.   

To keep resale value high 

One day in the future, you may want to put your luxury home back on the market. If you have been on top of things in the home maintenance department since Day One when you first bought your Las Vegas home, then you’ll have much better chances of getting high returns on your investment. That’s because buyers in the Las Vegas luxury real estate market are willing to pay a premium for houses that are not just move-in-ready but also superbly maintained. 


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Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada are found in the Mojave Desert. That said, expect an arid desert climate and extreme fluctuations in temperature. What does this mean to a Las Vegas homeowner who wants to maintain the integrity of their residence?

  • Expect your HVAC to work harder than usual. Temperatures in Vegas could sometimes be sweltering at one point and then freezing at another, all in just one day. These extreme spikes and dips could take a toll on your HVAC system as it will constantly be adjusting itself to keep temperatures inside your home at comfortable levels.
  • Dry air. The low humidity that’s common in areas with a desert setting makes certain parts of a home more vulnerable to damage, especially those made of wood. In these conditions, wooden items like furniture, floors, or cabinets could warp, shrink, or even crack.
  • Too much sun. Too much exposure to the sun can be damaging, not only to people but also to the exterior of the home. At the least, paint on these surfaces easily fade or peel off; at most, they could crack from the intense sunlight.
  • Water-related problems. In Las Vegas, droughts and similar issues affect the supply of water coming from Lake Mead, and with the increasing population, result in higher water demand. The water scarcity has driven city officials to make the call toward water conservation. With that, maintaining pools and keeping the property’s outdoor landscape well-irrigated becomes a challenge.
  • Dust and sand. With constant exposure, dust and sand can accumulate in your home, especially after windstorms.


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Given the regional and climate-specific challenges mentioned above, these tips can help preserve not just the structural integrity of luxury houses in Las Vegas but also the substantial investment made in their purchase. 

  1. Take note of common issues in your home

    If something is not right with your luxury home, it could be due to a breakdown in any of the following:

    • HVAC. As mentioned earlier, with heavy usage and extreme temperatures, the HVAC system will most likely require constant attention and maintenance. 
    • PLUMBING. Everything starts with a small trickle or a tiny crack. Left unattended, this could have costly consequences.
    • ELECTRIC WIRING. If you have a vintage mansion for a luxury home, it may contain outdated circuitry that could cause problems. And even if your luxury home was built more recently, instances like power surges could overload your electric system, spike your electric bill, destroy plugged appliances, or even cause fires. 
    • DOORS. One of the often-used parts of the home, these could eventually give way at their hinges. Main doors, particularly, are constantly subjected to the elements so it’s not uncommon for them to fade or break down faster than doors inside the house.
    • APPLIANCES.Depending on their usage, quality, or shelf life, these home items will eventually require repairs or totally break down at a certain point. That’s why they need to be inspected regularly or replaced if they’re beyond repair. 

    By knowing the common causes of breakdowns in these particular areas, you get a better idea of the amount of maintenance your home needs. From there, you can make the necessary preparations to properly plan your maintenance activities.

  2. Make a home maintenance checklist 

    This checklist will allow you to keep track of maintenance services and work that need to be done throughout the year. You could break down these activities according to how often you need to check certain items or areas. Here’s an example of a maintenance checklist.  


    • Check for debris in sink and tub drains and unclog if necessary
    • Test all smart home tech to see if they’re in optimal running condition
    • Check for blockages in air vents
    • Let water run in seldom-used rooms to check for leaks or clogs
    • Clear garbage bins of any debris
    • Test home sensors and security systems


    • Have the HVAC system cleaned and air filters replaced. (Given the air conditions in Las Vegas, this may be done quarterly.)
    • Thoroughly rid gutters of debris
    • Go for a thorough cleaning of the entire property


    • Check fire extinguishers
    • Clean exhaust fans
    • Have your septic tank cleaned
    • Lubricate the springs on your garage doors

    EVERY 2-5 YEARS:

    • Call for anti-termite treatment
    • Replace the caulking on doors and windows
    • Clean heat ducts
    • Check the shelf life of your appliances and call for repairs if needed

    You may also create a checklist depending on the season, as some household tasks are better done when temps are milder or during transitions between seasons.

  3. Stick to your home maintenance schedules

    Make sure to keep up with the schedules you plotted out in your home maintenance checklist. While these may come with substantial costs, regular upkeep is still more cost-effective than spending on major repairs. By providing regular maintenance to your Las Vegas luxury home you can keep it comfortable and stress-free for many years to come.

  4. Never put off for tomorrow repairs that can be done today 

    The moment you spot something in your home that needs fixing, find an immediate solution to it. You could DIY it if it’s something as simple as changing a lightbulb. But for more complex issues like leaks, a crack on the wall, or a refrigerator that stopped working, you’ll need to call in a professional at once. In leaving these things unattended, you incur the risk of the problem getting worse and having to pay for more costly repairs.

  5. Keep things simple

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    One of the best qualities of a luxury home is the abundance of space. Given all that elbow room, you might be tempted to fill it with all sorts of items from antique furniture pieces and exotic decorations to gallery-worthy art pieces. Remember, every item you add to your living space translates to an extra item with its own maintenance requirement. That’s why the long-standing trend among luxury houses in Las Vegas leans toward the minimalist aesthetic.

    Select the items to add to your luxury home and keep your design simple. Avoid buying houseware items and appliances on impulse. This will also help give your home a sleek and elegant look.

  6. Research the latest trends in luxury home design

    When it comes to luxury home design, the minimalist aesthetic has been the popular choice for quite some time now. Apart from that, there is also a growing “green” trend that hinges on sustainability and energy efficiency. 

    Home buyers today are looking for appliances and fixtures that allow them to save on utility bills and minimize their carbon footprint. The focus is on housing materials that are organic in nature and highly durable, new smart home gadgets that serve to reduce energy costs and harness alternative means of providing electricity, and open floor layouts that create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces.  Adopting these recent trends can also make a significant positive impact on your home’s value, keeping it appealing to homebuyers in the market today.


  8. Keep things clean always 

    Keeping the house tidy at all times becomes a little more tedious, especially when you have a spacious home with many rooms. But if you do this daily, household clutter and the constant accumulation of sand and dust will be easier to manage, especially if you adopt a “clean as you go” habit.

  9. The outdoors is just as important as the indoors 

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    In maintaining your home, never overlook curb appeal.This is instrumental in calling buyers’ attention to homes for sale and boosting properties’ market value. Curb appeal is that “X” factor that can make your home stand out and create a strong positive impression on potential buyers. It sends an invitation to buyers to explore what’s inside the home and perhaps eventually to make an offer for it.

    Even if selling your Las Vegas luxury home is not part of your immediate plans, paying attention to your curb appeal should be part of your maintenance efforts. Regular lawn maintenance and deep cleaning your driveway every quarter should do the trick. If you have a green thumb, consider growing drought-tolerant plants and have an efficient irrigation system that will allow you to adhere to water conservation protocols while beautifying your outdoor spaces.

  10. Consider calling professionals for your luxury home maintenance needs 

    Sometimes, the task is simply too complicated for the average individual. Or sometimes, you’d rather put your feet up and enjoy some me-time or precious moments with the family instead of keeping up with the maintenance requirements of your Las Vegas luxury home. 

    The good news is, there are professional cleaning and maintenance companies that you can call to take care of the nitty-gritty of keeping your home in tip-top shape. If you need repair services, a simple Google search can point you to a bevy of service providers, including plumbers, repair technicians, electricians, and more.

    Here’s a pro tip: You could always approach your local Realtor who has tons of experience handling luxury homes. They could tap into their vast network that not only consists of fellow agents in the industry but also of professionals in related industries. This includes home service providers – and reliable ones, at that. This essentially mitigates the risk of hiring someone who may or may not be able to provide satisfactory services.


You need not be overwhelmed by the volume of tasks to be done to maintain your high-end home. You just have to be up to speed with preventive maintenance, put in place desert-friendly strategies, and know the best professionals who could ease your home maintenance worries.

Learn more about the best ways to keep your high-end Las Vegas home in pristine condition and other real estate tips from me, Anthony Romeo. As a long-time resident and one of the top-performing Realtors in Las Vegas, I know the ins and outs of homeownership in the area. And if you’re still searching for luxury houses for sale in Las Vegas to find the perfect one for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 702.353.6759 or to leave a note here. Let’s get you that home you’ve always been dreaming about!


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