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Why invest in Las Vegas luxury real estate

Sold for $1.26 million: a 4-bedroom, 3,467-square-foot home in Henderson, NV Many of us equate luxury with money, or to be more specific, price. The national median rate   for luxury homes, after all, is $1.31 million. A high pri...

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Las Vegas Neighborhood

How to choose the neighborhood that’s right for you

Keeping your options open is an important part of the process when searching for and buying a home, especially Las Vegas luxury homes. Aside from determining what kind of property you’re looking for, how much your budget is, and what features...

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night in Las Vegas

Luxury living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of contrasts. You have the rugged beauty of the surrounding desert, which beckons adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. There are the residential communities, which provide great homes for growing families, retirees, and ever...

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Mansion on ocean

Your guide to buying a luxury home in Las Vegas

What comes to mind when you think about Las Vegas luxury homes? How about vast well-appointed homes, fitted with features such as swimming pools, wine cellars, chef’s kitchens, and backyard movie theaters? If this is what came to mind, you wo...

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Best ways to experience

Best ways to experience Las Vegas

There’s more to Las Vegas than clubsandcasinos. As one of the most famous destinations in the nation, Las Vegas has much to offer in terms of shopping, dining, entertainment, culture, and relaxation. If you’re traveling to Sin City, ...

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Key documents

Key documents when buying a house

From the start of the home buying process all the way to the end, there’s a certain amount of paperwork involved. Documents for your mortgage application, the title company, and your agreement with the seller are the most common ones you...

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Tips for house hunting

5 tips for house hunting online

Technology plays a huge role in the home buying process. Now more than ever, it is easier to shop for a home online. In fact, the National Association of Realtors reports that around 95% of buyers start their search for a new home on the in...

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home appraisal

The home appraisal process in Las Vegas

One of the most important steps when buying a home is the appraisal process. Typically required by mortgage lenders, this crucial process determines the fair market value of the property that you plan to buy. The home appraisal process also...

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why you need a Realtor

Here’s why you need a realtor when buying a home

While the internet can be a popular source of information, nothing beats having a Realtor as an able guide in your home-buying journey. A Realtor, compared to a real estate agent, not only has a license to prove their capacity to work a...

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