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How to Keep Your Luxury Property Secure

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Many gated communities in Las Vegas offer enhanced security with guarded access points and private patrols. Investing in security measures, however, should be considered a part of luxury home maintenance to help safeguard your investment. Here are some tips to keep your home secure.

Fortify Your Home

Intruders typically target weak areas and access points like windows and doors. Fortunately, there are many ways to fortify your home for better security:

  • Reinforce all exterior doors and windows
  • Install backup security features to the main gate and other entry points
  • Tint exterior windows and install curtains or blinds for privacy
  • Add defensive plants under windows and the perimeter of the property
  • Keep valuable items like cash and jewelry inside a safe

Digital Lock System

In addition to fortifying your home exterior, install digital locking solutions that are difficult to open through lock picking, blunt force, and other manual methods. Digital locks often make use of fingerprints, eye scanning, and facial recognition technologies to determine who can enter your home. You can also add security backups like passcodes and RFID cards to make the system fail-proof.

Security Lighting

Home invasions and criminal activities usually take place at night so that the perpetrators can go unnoticed. Install motion sensor lights that go on and off upon detecting movement in key areas like doorways will help alert you to suspicious activity on the property. Keeping your property well-lit in the evenings will also make it easier to spot intruders.

Surveillance Cameras

Many luxury homeowners install 4K surveillance cameras in critical areas for additional protection. Advanced cameras like 8-megapixel cameras make it easier to identify individuals who try to break into your home. This can catch important details such as their hair color and clothing. Surveillance cameras often have a digital zoom and night vision feature, which is ideal for large properties with open areas.

Modern security camera systems also have a remote monitoring feature that lets you keep an eye on the property no matter where you are. These surveillance systems will send you alerts when they pick up on unusual activities or behaviors in the home.

Advanced Alarm System

It’s worth investing in a state-of-the-art alarm system that will notify you or the authorities upon detecting suspicious activity. It is generally advisable to install motion sensors and alarm systems along the exterior of the property so that you’ll be alerted to any unusual movement before a trespasser gets too close. An alarm system can be connected to the local police department for remote protection. If something triggers your alarm, the police will get an alert and head to your home.

Security Team

In some instances, you may require additional protection from a private security team. Trained bodyguards and security personnel who can help protect you from danger. Their knowledge of safety tactics will give you peace of mind.


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