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Hot event: U2’s residency at The Sphere


Las Vegas has always been known for its major entertainment venues but so far, none have yet to compare to the latest addition to this vibrant city’s landscape – the Sphere. Opened to the public just this September 2023, it wowed audiences and the general public with an immersive entertainment extravaganza like no other.

Top-billing its debut was a concert by the legendary Irish rock band U2 who captivated the crowd with songs from their 1991 recording, Achtung Baby, as well as other hits from their previous albums. Their music, combined with the Sphere’s stunning visuals, made for a mind-blowing concert experience.

U2’s concert during the opening of the Sphere in September was to become the start of the band’s official residency at the said Las Vegas venue. Below is everything you need to know about the Sphere and U2’s ongoing residency.


An artist chosen to have a residency at the Sphere gets the chance to hold a series of concerts at this state-of-the-art Las Vegas venue. This opportunity allows the artist to delve deep into their repertoire and present a new concept with every performance, thanks to the technological prowess and remarkable soundscape laid out by the Sphere.

U2 is the first to hold a residency at the Sphere. Another band in the residency lineup is Phish, known for their awesome musical improvs and head-bopping jams. They already have four shows coming up in April so Phish Heads need not wait too long.


Returning after a long hiatus since December 2019, U2 is touching base with fans anew through their residency at the Sphere. Their return to the stage was nothing less than spectacular as they brought the house down last September 29 with a completely immersive experience. With LED screens wrapping the entire venue and providing awesome visuals to complement the heart-pounding music, the band’s performance at the Sphere brought back the connection between them and their fans in a way that felt more like a private concert than a massive arena gathering.

What’s even more exciting is that there’s a unique experience with every show, given U2’s long musical journey and the Sphere’s amazing visual effects that come with every setlist.

Oprah Winfrey, Matt Damon, Lebron James, Chelsea Clinton, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Kimmel, and Paul McCartney are just some of the celebrities and personalities who have been to the Achtung Baby Live concert.

The original number of shows for U2’s residency at the Sphere was originally set for 25, starting with the September 29 concert that coincided with the venue’s grand opening. However, due to the popularity of the event and the clamor for more shows, their residency extended to 36 shows, plus another 4 lined up for February 23 & 24 and March 1 & 2.


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