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Choosing the best type of luxury vinyl flooring for your home

Gone are the days when vinyl was a flooring material only used in low-budget homes. In recent times, you would find vinyl flooring even in the most luxurious of abodes as these have been reinforced and built to last a long time without scrimping on aesthetics.

Learn more about the nuances of luxury vinyl flooring below.


Easy to install and requiring less maintenance, luxury vinyl flooring adds value to your home without breaking the bank. The most basic LVPs come in two options: the luxury vinyl tile and the luxury vinyl plank.


Luxury vinyl planks (LVPs) resemble hardwood and, when properly installed, it’s hard to tell the difference. LVPs come in a wide array of hardwood designs with varying thickness. They’re also customizable and easier to cut compared to hardwood. Here are other noteworthy qualities of LVPs.

  • Water-resistant: Water and moisture are two great enemies of any kind of wood as these weaken the material and hasten shelf life. Applying sealant or painting over it helps to protect wood from dampness. However, LVPs have PVC at their core – the same kind of material used in plumbing to waterproof pipes and drainage systems. That’s why they are great choices for wet areas like bathrooms, the laundry area, mudrooms, and the kitchen.

  • Scratchand stain-resistant: What is the most scratch-resistant flooring to use for your home? The easy answer: LVPs. They’re perfect for entryways, basements, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas in your home.

  • Comfortable: Walking barefoot on LVPs is more comfortable because they’re much softer and smoother than wood. They’re best to use in the kitchen, laundry room, and other areas where you spend much time standing or walking.

  • Easy to clean and low maintenance: No need to polish or wax an LVP floor! Just sweep, mop, or vacuum and then you’re done.

  • Effortless installation: With their tongue-and-groove design, all you need to do is lay down the planks and fit them together like a puzzle until they click, essentially locking them into place.


If LVPs are made to resemble hardwood, luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) replicate natural stone like marble, travertine, granite, and many others. They also make versatile and more long-lasting alternatives to your standard tiles and come in many sizes, colors, patterns, thickness, and other design options.

  • Durable: Standard tiles chip easily and are prone to damage but LVTs are more resistant to daily wear and tear, especially if you have little ones like children or pets running around the house. This type of luxury vinyl flooring can last up to 20 years.

  • Waterproof: Guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and resistant to dampness, mildew, and molds, LVTs are ideal for bathrooms. laundry rooms, and kitchens.

  • Low maintenance: For your LVT floor to stay in good condition, you just need to sweep, mop, and vacuum on a regular basis. Just make sure to use non-abrasive cleaners and don’t flood the floor when mopping.

  • Less expensive: Depending on size and design, the cost of LVTs ranges from $4 to $7 per square foot. With standard tiles, expect to pay from $15 to $20 per square foot.


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