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Beautiful Celebrity Homes in Las Vegas

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Celebrities certainly enjoy the high life in Las Vegas. More than a few actors, musicians, and athletes have called this place home. Here are some notable celebrity residences in the Las Vegas area.

The Liberace Mansion
4982 Shirley St
Las Vegas, NV

Few entertainers embody Las Vegas quite like Wladziu Valentino Liberace, the Wisconsin-born concert pianist and singer best known for his sequin outfits and elaborate capes. The 14,393-square-foot mansion is no less fabulous than the man who lived in it on-and-off from the 1970s up until his passing in 1987. The mansion features white stucco exterior walls and an eclectic interior with a grand staircase, marble bathtubs, and crystal chandeliers.

Located just south of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), the Liberace Mansion has undergone extensive restoration and was the first residential property to be recognized as a Historic Landmark in Clark County, Nevada in 2016.

The Siegfried and Roy Mansion
1639 Valley Dr
Las Vegas, NV

The late magicians Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn lived with a menagerie of lions, tigers, and leopards on this palatial estate for almost 40 years. Also known as the Jung Palace, the mansion is part of an 80-acre compound that also includes three guest houses, three pools, and a bird sanctuary.

According to sources, Siegfried lived in a separate Mid-Century Modern home on the property while Horn resided in the mansion, which features stained glass windows and crystal chandeliers. The mansion was listed in 2023 and sold within days of being on the market. The sale went to Carden International Circus owners George and Brett Carden.

The Casino House
3515 Cochise Ln
Las Vegas, NV

Casino was a 1995 film starring Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro and directed by Martin Scorcese. Several scenes were shot on the property, which features a 4,862-square-foot home and outdoor pool. Built in 1964, it is surrounded by the lush fairways of the Las Vegas National Golf Course in the Paradise Palms Estates. It is currently a private residence. Frank Rosenthal, a former casino executive whose life story inspired the movie, supposedly owned a home in the Paradise Palms Estates as well.

The Jerry Lewis House
1701 Waldman Ave
Las Vegas, NV

The late actor and comedian Jerry Lewis lived on the property from 1984 until his death in 2017. At 7,235 square feet, the home features five bedrooms, including a primary suite with a fireplace and bathroom. The kitchen has been updated with new appliances and quartz countertop and new appliances. Built in 1964, the home has retained much of its original features, such as a crystal chandelier from France, a classic 1960s wooden bar, and a rare petrified wood fireplace.

The Phyllis McGuire Home
100 Rancho Cir
Las Vegas, NV

The late Phyllis McGuire, former lead singer of the 1950s musical act The McGuire Sisters, owned this spectacular 26,000-square-foot mansion. The lavish property features a basement disco and a 44-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower for guests who want the unique Las Vegas experience. The mansion is situated on a two-acre property, which also features a guest mansion, tennis court, lagoon, and two swimming pools.


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