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9 Must- Have Wellness Features to Add to Your Luxury Home

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Luxury does not just mean costly furniture, grand home accessories, and the latest smart technology.  It means enjoying the luxury of wellness at home. It means savoring the blessings of health, day in and day out your corner of the world.

You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone at home if you have these wellness features.

  1. Green spaces

    A wall of plants on the rooftop and/or balcony, vegetable gardens, orchards, a flower garden and other green spaces at home provide life-saving oxygen and add beauty. Aloe and snake plants are great for getting rid of toxins and humidifying air. 

  2. Earth-friendly amenities

    Homes with solar panels, LED lighting and cork flooring fall under this category. Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. It fights climate change by reducing fuel fossil consumption.

    Unlike its traditional counterpart,   LED lighting is 80 to 90 % efficient.   It is toxin and UV emission free, and lasts longer than conventional lights. Cork floors, on the other hand, don’t harm trees.  Cork ‘s hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties boost wellness.  It also has a high insulation feature.

  3. Clean air and water systems

    Wellness-conscious homeowners put a premium on air and water quality. They get  advanced air purification systems that improve indoor air quality by taking out toxins, allergens, pollen, pathogens, and other pollutants. They invest in top-of-the-line water filtration systems with Vitamin C-infused showers for hair and skin health.

  4. Health-centered kitchens

    Sub-Zero and Wolf refrigerators retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.  Steam ovens preserve  vitamins and minerals while using less fat and oil. Le Creuset cast iron pans and state-of-the-art juicers and blenders are health allies.  A top-of-the-line grill makes cooking fresh veggies and protein possible. Luxury wellness living also enables homeowners to hire a personal chef to run the kitchen and come up with healthy meals.

  5. Well-equipped fitness room

    Luxury fitness rooms boast a yoga studio, top-of-the-line cardio, strength and other gym equipment, treatment rooms, steam rooms for post-workout relaxation, spa-like saunas, whirlpool spa, massage rooms, heated pool, landscaped gardens and big courtyards for outdoor workouts. Some houses have a sports simulator for golf and tennis courts.  Floor-to-ceiling glass windows open to stunning gardens, mountains, or city skylines.

  6. High-tech meditation rooms

    Tech-driven virtual meditation spaces help fight stress.  These rooms blend virtual reality techniques and serene design that allow the homeowner to concentrate.

  7. Oxygen chamber pods and cryotherapy booths

    An oxygen chamber pod  hastens healing of carbon monoxide poisons, gangrene, wounds that fail to heal and infections due to tissues that lack oxygen.  Cryotherapy booths, on the other hand, harness extreme cold to freeze and get rid of diseased tissue.

  8. Cold plunge pool

    This wellness luxury feature lets homeowners swim in icy water that could help boost circulation, reduce inflammation and pain, and enhance memory, mood, and energy. 

  9. Saltwater pool

    This swimming pool’s saltwater chlorine generator converts chlorine and uses saltwater. The result is smoother, fresher water that costs less to maintain.  It doesn’t have a harsh scent, and does away with the need to keep toxic chlorine chemicals at home. Salt won’t make clothes and towels fade.

Make luxury wellness at home your winning goal for 2024.  If you need to find a home that meets your goals, call  Las Vegas Realtor, Anthony Romeo, at 702.353.6759 or contact him here.


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