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10 Tips for Selling a Las Vegas Luxury Home

Top 10 Selling Tips for Selling Las Vegas

High end buyers who are interested in luxury real estate in Las Vegas often have unique preferences and needs. Whether they are purchasing a home as a primary residence or an investment property, they are willing to patiently wait for the perfect home to come along. When it comes to selling a Las Vegas luxury home the tactics differ from those that work for average-priced homes. With luxury properties you have to go the extra mile to make sure that the property stands out. Check out our top 10 tips for selling a Las Vegas luxury home below!

Selling a Luxury Home in Las Vegas? Follow These Tips

Tip #1: Price it Right

Setting the right listing price is tricky when it comes to a luxury Las Vegas home – price it too high and you risk it sitting on the market, price it too low and you might end up getting less than what it’s worth. Our team will put together a comprehensive market analysis comparing your property to other recently sold properties in the area to assist in setting the right price that will get your home sold.

Tip #2: Think Like a Buyer

When catering to the luxury market it’s important that you know your audience and tailor your marketing to high-end buyers. You have to anticipate the needs, wants and desires of the potential buyers who will be interested in the home and show them how they can achieve the luxury lifestyle they are looking for in this specific property.

Tip #3: High Quality Materials

This may be the most important tip when it comes to selling a Las Vegas luxury home. More than 90% of buyers begin their home search online, which means that it is absolutely critical that the images and videos of your home are outstanding. When selling a luxury home, you need to hire a professional photographer who is experienced in documenting luxury real estate and ensure that they capture the amenities and location in the right lighting.

Tip #4: Produce a Virtual Tour

Something you should also consider are virtual tour videos, which can really help to sell the home. Oftentimes you will meet high end buyers who will purchase a home without ever stepping foot onsite, and a virtual tour video could be instrumental in making your property the top choice for an absentee buyer.

Tip #5: Skip the Open House

When it comes to luxury homes, a public open house will not help to sell the home. A broker’s open on the other hand can be extremely helpful. This is a special open house specifically hosted for local real estate agents who have prospective buyers looking for luxury homes.

Tip #6: Staging

Before you list a home for sale, regardless of whether it is a luxury McMansion or an average single-family home, it’s so important to clean up, complete small updates and make sure the home looks good. Staging is an extra step that won’t necessarily sell the home on its own, but it is something that we highly encourage. Staging a luxury Las Vegas home helps to highlight the amenities and selling points of the property. It also allows potential buyers to picture themselves and their new life in this home.

Tip #7: Offer Incentives

If you can add more value to your property by including certain amenities in the sale of the home, then you will definitely make your listing stand out from other comparable homes listed for sale. You can sweeten the pot for potential buyers with things like a grand piano, custom fixtures, high end art, special furniture or other features.

Tip #8: Focus on Selling Points

Luxury real estate buyers have specific preferences and amenities that they look for, like gated communities, a fitness center, swimming pool, backyard with a view and more. If your property has unique amenities that are highly desirable, make sure to highlight them in all marketing materials.

Tip #9: Sell the Lifestyle

Luxury homes are often surrounded by luxurious amenities like five-star golf resorts or country clubs. It’s important that this information is included in the listing information of the property.

Tip #10: Work with the Right Agent

The most important tip to selling a luxury Las Vegas home is to work with a professional real estate agent who has experience in the luxury market. The luxury real estate market is different than traditional single-family homes, especially when it comes to pricing and advertising, which are imperative to getting the home sold. If you are looking for a real estate professional to help sell your luxury home in Las Vegas, contact our team to learn about our experience. We proudly serve a wide range of clients with a unique portfolio of luxury Las Vegas real estate.


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